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Getting started

Science is rapidly moving towards open, transparent methods, and with lots of information out there, the challenge can be knowing where to start. No one is Open Sciencing perfectly, the key is to take one step. This page is designed to serve as a practical, hands-on introduction to some first steps.

Some preparation

What you can do with an existing project

Planning a new project

  • Edit the consent form for your next project to allow for open sharing of anonymised data
  • Complete this transparency checklist  (see accompanying paper) that you can submit with your work. It will help you improve the transparency of your work before you submit it, and you can also include the checklist with your submission.
  • Write your first preregistration or Registered Report: There is lots more information here and here. The OSF has a network of people who can help
  • Create a script for reproducible data analysis for your next project (e.g., SPSS syntax, R scripts)
  • Publish your first open data set: Ensure anonymity, provide a codebook, refer to this guide to ethical data sharing

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