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My name is Emma (she/her/hers) and I am a Behavioural Scientist and Psychologist working as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Open Research at the University of Surrey. I hold a PhD in experimental psychology and a Masters in psychology from Kingston University.

My early research investigated how people might use non-probative cues, such as repetition, to make truth judgements in the absence of any probative information or knowledge. I focused on the replicability of these truth effects with a view to understanding the robustness of the literature, and the implications of their real-world application. My current research concentrates on behaviour change, and how behaviour change frameworks can be used both to understand the influences on open research behaviours, and to create interventions to promote uptake.

I particularly enjoy applying a collaborative, critical and co-creative methodology to addressing global and endemic socio-political issues and welcome opportunities to work with industry partners, academic researchers, practitioners, and the public on achieving such goals.

Principles and Values

My goal is to conduct and promote rigorous, transparent science ethically throughout my career. Where posible I write and publish research as Registered Reports. I use the Open Science Framework (OSF) to share materials, data, scripts and lab logs. I prioritise submitting papers to open access journals that select based on scientific validity rather than subjective impact.  I am passionate about contributing to meta-psychology projects with the potential to improve research culture or practices.

I am an Ambassador for the Centre for Open Science (COS) and a member of the Registered Reports Steering Committee. You can find slides for talks I have given on the OSF here.


Truth Illusions | Metacognition | Open Research | Meta-science | Registered Reports | Research Methods | Behaviour Change | Judgement & Decision Making | Choice architecture | Scientific Understanding & Communication |

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